I finally decided to get one, since I tend to get off time with some of the stuff I do. So my question is: What are the main tempo speeds to go with? Right now what I am doing (some guy showed me it a while ago) is doing that "finger practice" thing that we all do when we first start out ( starting at the first fret then moving up to the fourth on every string then go back up to the 6th string again) I do this but through the whole neck. And I was just wondering if this is a good method also.
so my questuons are:
What are the main tempo speed to practice?
And is this a good method?
Main tempo speed is what you can do. Obviously its not going to work trying to play faster than you can play so you start at a speed that is comfortable and then go a little faster until you can do that comfortably and faster and faster and faster until you are at your desired speed.

If you cant fingerpick very fast at all you will have to have it at a slow tempo until you can do it faster. Its like when learning a song, you play precise, and speed comes with practice. Dont learn to do it fast and messy.
I wouldn't say there were set tempos to play at per se, mostly I'll start out with a slow tempo and then as I get comfortable with what i'm playing and am happy with how well I'm playing it at that speed I slowly build speed on it until I'm either at the target speed (for a song) or until I'm happy with the speed (random exercises/licks).
Forgive me if I give you info that you already know. But since you didn't mention anything in your post concerning your knowledge of note values, let's start there.

An eighth note = half a beat. (2 notes per beat) count - 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and.

A sixteenth note = 1/4 of a beat. (4 notes per beat)
count - 1 e and a, 2 e and a, 3 e and a, 4 e and a.

Start by working with these types of notes. Begin at a moderately slow tempo 70-80 BPM.
The Chromatic exercise that you mentioned is a good place to start. Once you can play that exercise using both eighth and sixteenth notes, start applying scale patterns.
Get used to tapping your foot along to the beat. That will help you "lock in".
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