Here's the thing
I'm a really good writer, especially when it comes to lyrics. But I'm not anything more than capable at guitar (I play ska, reggae, and punk for a reason), I can't sing, and I have no knowledge of theory.
I'm looking for anyone who's interested in making music.
I send you some lyrics and a basic idea of what I think the song is. You take it and interpret it however you wish and send me back the results.
Musically I'm open to anything from Coheed to folk music. Just no metal.

I'm a perfectionist so I only come up with 2 to 3 really good ideas a month.
If you're interested let me know.
I want Super Saiyan abilities
i listen to everything, although the solos i play tend to be bluesy and the music i write tends to be kinda tenacious d-y, especially because i have a singing voice kinda like jack black except a baritone rather than tenor. but im willing to give it a try.