Tornado of Souls by megadeth.

I have problems muting the strings with my right hand and hence i cant the riff to sound off cleanly. I've watched a videolesson by freepower about muting but i still cant really figure out how to mute the strings in this riff.
place the palm of your hand over the saddle (keep it there) and go nuts.
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Learn to play it really slowly first, there will be a speed at which you can play all those notes cleanly - it'll probably be a snail's pace but that's where you need to start.
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I play the whole thing without the use of palm muting, the actual authorised tab book states there is no palm muting. I play the 6th string part, then when i have to move to the 5th, i mute the 6th with the side of my thumb on the picking hand. I do it through the whole section and it comes off nicely. I use the tip of my index finger on the fretting hand to mute the above string also. No palm muting used.
uhh, well i just learned it and i can play it with no right hand muting whatsoever, but my advice would be play it very slowly while moving your picking hand to mute the strings you arent playing at the time and rgadually increase the pace, thats how i learned to right hand mute in the first place
What I noticed from the tab is that at the end, you have to cross strings using the same finger (F# to B - 9th fret on 5th and 4th strings, and then A -> D, 7th fret on 4th and 3rd strings). These sort of things are always a bit harder to mute. Is this where you have most of the problems with the muting? Are you barring those? To get those truly clean (not necesarily something you always want - sometimes it can sound better a bit noisier), you have to roll your fingers. i.e. for example going from the F# to B, you'd fret F# with the tip of your ring finger, then flatten your finger out to get to the B in a way that the pressure comes off the F# just enough to mute it, while you pick the B.