Poll: hollowbodies compared to solid-body electrics.
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yes, they do seem funner to play
31 72%
no they don't seem funner to play
12 28%
Voters: 43.
It feels like the strings give more response and twang or something. At least to me. And chords seem so full, especially acoustically (obviously). And other reasons that I can't quite put my finger on.

I mean, sure its a little harder to shred, and you can't usually play super heavy rifftastic metal on them, but as far as how they play.
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What I really like is their versatility- I've heard some Ibanez Artcores play really good metal and hardcore, and they obviously play folk, blues, ska, and other genres really well.
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Semi-hollows are just fantastic.
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more fun

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i like playing my Dot unplugged a lot, i dont know about more fun but they can do a lot more than a solid body in terms of sound.

to think i almost got rid of mine not too long ago and i find myself playing it all the time.
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i enjoy semi-hollows more too sometimes. but it's due to preference i think - some people don't like them and don't enjoy playing them.
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it's definitely more convenient than buying an acoustic and a gig-bag for the acoustic. Mine is a Schecter C/SH 1 and it sounds great, even for metal. But I use it a hell of a lot more as just carrying it to a friends house without an amp.
yea, they're quite fun. i plan on my next guitar being semi-hollow, maybe even a full hollow body.
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