Okay so i might get myself either a Twin Tube Mayhem or a Tonebone Hot British pedal to use with my valveking 112. i need from a heavy metal tone with screaming harmonics and leads to a smooth blues tone. although i am not too worried about a blues tone because i will just uise the amps distortion. i am leaning towards the tonebone because im looking for a sort of british but heavy sound but i really dont know. i am hoping for ppl who have actually played these pedals to respond. thank you in advance.
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As a relative new-comer to the guitar world I'd just like to point out how much more interesting this thread sounded when I thought a 'Metal Muff' was some sort of chastity belt...

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Whats a gibson?
The only one I'm familiar with is the Radial ToneBone British, and I must say that I'm a fan of all Radial's products. So I would go with that.

hot british wtf, i own one and it rocks
i tried the twin tube maybhem and i did not liek it at all
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