I have a Schecter C-1 that was wired for an active pick-up system, but I re-wired it to be for a passive pickup. I have 2 tones, and one master volume. The pickups are Duncan Invaders. After I finished all the soldering, I get an extremely weak signal (My volume has to be all the way up to hear anything, and the bridge pick-up is slightly louder than the neck pickup). I've looked at the schematics and tried to figure out whats wrong, but I can't figure it out, so I was wondering if anyone here would have an idea about what to look at. I've been without my guitar for a week and a half, because both places I brought my guitar to have it done for me didn't do it right
(the first said I couldn't redo the wiring at all [Guitar Center, Maple Grove, MN], and the second put the new pickup in, but cracked the body of my guitar where the neck tone knob goes and tried to hide it from me, and didn't replace the pots and did a horribly shoddy job at the soldering, mixing the pickups together. [American Guitar and Band in Maple Grove, MN]).
So if you could help with an idea of where to look, cause I've lost my trust in pretty much every guitar tech around me so I'd like to avoid them if possible.
did you get new 500k pots?
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it would have been so much easier and cheaper if you did it yourself

check the pots, they need to be 500k
Yeah, the pots are 500k. That's one thing that I had to fix from the American Band and Guitar. I've played around with it a little more, and even at those low volumes, it sounds as if the tone knobs are working okay, but the volume isn't working right, so I'm thinking I should take a look at the volume pot.