A band from Europe in Ukraine.

An electronic/house group with the edge of rock with vocals and many other elements of music

A great sound from an unsigned band

here are the links to the page, send them feedback of what you think and they'd love to hear from you

youtube vids -http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=8O1woljQ2PI</a>

They have many others and have some cracking material of fantastic quality on their page. Highly recommend it and they are very genuine people, check them out and if you like it spread it
They sound pretty awesome

the singer reminds me of Smash Mouth, kind of

But I feel like that summer I first bought the Bravery CD and it makes me happy
And we will weave in and out of sanity unnoticed
Swirling in blissfully restless visions of all our bleary progress
Glowing in radiant madness