hi guys, sorry bout all the threads regarding this issue but its my last bit of cash so i don't want to make a mistake.

i'm pretty set on getting the seymour duncan sh-14 custom 5 for my the bridge in my sheraton but i'm scared that the output will be too high and cause loads of feedback as its a semi-hollow.

i play alot of small venues and usually have to stand literally less than a metre away from my amp which is a fender got rod deluxe and i use quite a lot of distortion so do u think i'm better getting a lower output pickup or will it be ok.

i've got a ****ty stock 2$ pickup in there atm which is pretty low output i reckon and it feeds back like a bitch so i'm just scared that this could really push it over the edge.

cheers for the help in advance
Using a noise gate should get rid of any feedback problems.
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ah right cool, to be fair i cant afford anything more at the moment but will look into that

but in the mean time, do u reckon that i'd be ok putting the custom 5 in there
High output and hollow body = lots of feedback. The 2$ pickup is probably feeding back due to a poor or nonexistant wax pot job. And standing so close to an amp with the gain cranked will contribute alot to feedback.