Going to college to major in Music preformance, and I need a decent student's guitar.

I figure 500-600 bucks is a price Im willing to spend on a guitar that will probably get beat up a little bit, but still sounds great.

I have my eye on a Rodriguez C-3 Cedar top Classical (I dont care if it has lamenated sides and back), but I'm a tad bit worried about build quality because a few reviews have said that it breaks after a couple years real easy.

SOooo, yeah.... any suggestions?
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I've been looking for a classical guitar in this same price range because I'm planning on switching into the music school at my university. But I'm kind of at a loss about the different brands of classical guitars. I've mostly just been looking online at some Cordoba's and La Patrie's. Not sure if those are good brands or not. Sorry, I can't help much.
I know both of those are good brands, Cordoba makes some really nice guitars but they are a tad pricey

And Ive heard really good things about La Patrie's Concert CW cutaway classic

Really I'm trying to decide between the Rodriguez and the La Patrie