hey guys.. i need help ... im gonna be moving soon and i want to bring my guitar and bass... im planning to put it into the container ship and stuff...but i dont want to buy a hard case...is there anyway to transport it other than that? the cheapest possible way cuz space on the container is kinda expensive...
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bringit in your car?
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@BelowZero it's going overseas we're moving way farrrr....
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if it's an electric guitar and it's not a neck-through... you can take it apart and put in in a box or something... then when you get it back you can put it back together.

I've done that more than once. I move a lot, haha.
okay, if you're moving it overseas you definitely need hardcases. i wouldn't trust transporting my guitar long distances without one
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Well depending on your guitar you can go to a local music store and ask them if they have any extra of the cardboard boxes that guitars are shipped in. If you can get your hands on that then I would get some of that thick foam wrapping stuff and wrap the guitar in it, find some Styrofoam blocks/packing peanuts and hope for the best.

I would REALLY REALLY recommend investing in a hard shell case though, especially since you are moving over seas. You never know how shippers are going to treat the boxes they handle.
Depends how much it's worth to you, but I'd be taking a hard case. Maybe try to pick up a second hand one from Ebay or Craigslist? You could even sell it again when you get where you're going.
Keep it with you? Maybe play a little for the mass at the airport?
Buying a hard shell case would be best, if using your padded case, put it in your car at the top in a secure spot where it wont move around and stuff. If your shipping, buy or find a box big enough for your guitar and case, and put soft things in to like newspaper or packing peanuts(i think thats what they are called). If you have a whammy bar, i'd take it out for the trip.