I love this bass with an unnatural fire. It is honestly the most beautiful bass iv ever seen. But as its old and gone through a hurricane, it has its issues.

Not least of which, is the neck. You see the neck is warped around the third and second frets. It has an old truss (as i believe is the problem as to why it cant be fixed through usual methods), and iv been leaning it on the nut while the strings were very loose to try and push it back. But it hasnt been working. Or if it has, its not working enough.

Is there ANYTHING that i can do to fix my neck? This bass is so beautiful and its got a sound that you dont find anymore. I want to keep it as original as possible. However, I am willing to replace the neck as a LAST RESORT. But id rather just fix it. Please, if there is anything you guys out there can tell me take the time to post it.

All help will be much appreciated. Thank you UG community

P.S. Pictures are below
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Here are those pictures. Sorry about the quality in some of them. However it should give you an idea of my situation.

The bridge

The side of the neck

The action by the first fret

The action by twelth fret untill the last fret
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get a photo bucket account and use the IMG code to upload it.
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my problem is finding the IMG code. i could make this work if i could find it
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oh. i see now thanks guys

So do we.
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If you're trying to match the action to the 12th fret, you could buy a really tall nut and put that in

If you're trying to match it to the bridge, you could shim the neck to make it a bit straighter
and that would make the neck even with the strings

I don't see how it's warped, though. More pics of the neck at the warp could help us alot
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I want more pics, that's a beautiful bass. It isn't warped that badly yet, can you describe the truss rod slot etc?
it just looks like the truss rod needs tightening
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meh, that sucks. So adjusting the truss rod does nothing? Try lighter gauge strings, replace the bridge, new nut. otherwise, your gonna need a new neck, or take apart that neck, and possibly replace the truss.
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yeah the truss has been fiddled with and it did nothing. Ill try to get more pics on maybe tomorrow. Can you explain what you mean by shimmying the neck? I want the action to be somewhere between what iv got at the 12 and what iv got at the 1
I know I'm resurrecting an old post, but I have a bit of advice for the TS. My old fender had a truss rod issue where twisting it would do nothing to help with the neck bow. I actually tightened the nut so much that it caught back onto the rod and started working again, I might suggest just do that and seeing if it does catch, it's possible that the nut is just loose and not catching yet.

Also, sanding the feet of the bridge down should help with the action... but... it'll be irreversable, so I wouldn't recommend it yet.
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