Hey, I currently own a vox ad15vt and a epiphone les paul with seymour duncans (JB/JAzz). I like play lots of eric clapton, hendrix, led zep, van halen etc just old classic rock. Should i get the distortion pedal and will my sound improve by alot?
Personally, I think the distortion on your amp will be better.
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Nope, it won't improve your tone. At least it wouldn't be any better than the models on your Vox.
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No, it will not sound that great, and certainly not for that stuff. The Vox does that kind of stuff really well anyway. What don't you like about your sound
The distortion already sounds great on the vox. I just wanna know i should go the extra step and get the pedal. Thanx for the responses
It's the pedal I have, it gets the job done, but I'm sure there are better distortion pedals out there.
if you want those tones youd be better off with an overdrive pedal. if you really set your mind on a boss distortion pedal dot not get the ds-1, if anything get a mega distortion md-2. go to a guitar store and check out the Boss OD-20 Drive Zone Twin Pedal.
The Boss DS-1 is not going to sound good through that amp. I have one and I run it through an all tube amp, and it manages to sound halfway decent (certainly there is much better out there but it gets the job done). I wouldn't recommend it for your amp.

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wont improve yr current tone only a new amp can do that.
but if you do look up kurtlive's mods for it here on ug.
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I think for the tone you are shooting for, you need a tube overdrive pedal like an Ibanez TS-9. There's a lot of good variations of this pedal these days. This is the best one, IMO. Been playing through it for a week now, and it is fantastic.
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Id also look into the MI Audio Crunch Box for more Marshall type tones like Led Zep
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as an owner of an AD50VT, i can tell you it's pointless buying distortion pedals for that amp. they make any distortion pedal sound muddy, sloppy, just crap. those amps just HATE distortion pedals

the DS-1 is a decent enough pedal if you know how to use it, though. It just won't sound good with the valvetronix.
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The DS-1 is pretty heavy for those styles.
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Heaps of better pedals than the DS1, try Rat or a fulltone 70s fuzz. Your amp driven hard will have the best overdrive. I have 4 Distortions and overdrives, i play in stereo with a AC30 and a Fender Twin. Usually have the fender only on a clean and then drive the amp with a pedal, any of the following

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Fat Boost - Fulltone - is a overdrive but the dirty channel is superb
OCD - Fulltone - Has a modern and vintage setting
With a modeling amp like the Valvetronix, I can tell you that any pedal, even the best and most expensive one, will sound sh*te. Either make do with your amp or save for a new one.

The Vox is pretty good at the sounds you want anyway. If you don't like it, search for another amp model to the one you're currently using.
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