Im also a blackmetal fan.But if this is your first time creating a blackmetal song than i asume this as good.But if not its pretty descent.There are some bars with the acoustic and distortion guitar that dont fit together.And also this melody is very familiar.When you create a song ,dont matter what style is,try to create something that comes from your heart.Dont listen to bands and create stuff like theirs.i can give 5/10 for this .
I listened to your first version, and I have to say that this version is good progress!

Thoughts as I listen:
Love the intro. Very melodic and dark, really draws the listener in. Something to consider though is, rather than just have the intro repeat itself, add a lead over the intro the second time around. I was thinking that if you added something like a violin or a synth on the second time around it would add more build up for when the next riff slides in

Second riff, also loved. It matched the intro very well. However, the acoustic is hard to hear over the distortion guitar. I would change the acoustic to a overdriven guitar so that it matches the new rhythm piece.

This could just be my own personal writing style but whenever I crit someone who uses multiple repeats in their music, I like to suggest either cutting off a few repeats, or try to reshape the riffs on each repeat (such as changing the drums) so that the riff sounds different each time and keeps the listener interested. Otherwise it gets repetitive and I just end up skipping forward to the next riff.

Bars 14 - 44 were genius. Very well written, makes for a great verse. Btw I dunno if youve ever heard of Mathcore metal before but when you change timesigs or tempos frequently, its generally an indication of a mathcore genre. Something to think about.

The outro was very good. I like the quick pace. I would try to touch that last bar though. Ending just on a full note like that is kinda boring.

All in all, very good start. I feel like some parts could use something more like a lead or some fillers. Keep working on it. 7/10

Since I critiqued yours, how about checking out mine? Its a dark, melodic metal song that you might like.