The song is on my profile and is called Lead Omen.

I would just like to know your thoughts about it

I used a Line 6 toneport for the guitars and bass and I used Addictive drums for the drums.

What do you think?
Wow i realy like your tone, nice recording and song! Sound to me a bit like Megadeth, i just don't like the intro, too long... (You should also add a longer outro).
Very nice solo

Keep it up
I second that on the tone - beautiful (and your nevermore tone is quite orgasmic). Pretty much flawless, it was a good mix of Megadeth and Testement-style riffs. I have no quarrel with the intro, I didnt find it too unnessesarily long, in fact, It was the perfect length.

Well, theres hardly any negatives to point out, if I really HAVE to nitpick, maybe the song was a tad generic within the thrash metal genre but as I've said, you pulled it off nicely

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Yeah, great stuff, bud. I really liked the solo a lot. The tone was indeed amazing as well. Two thumbs up!
I pretty much second all of Ascendancys comment, nice trashy riffs, drums were done beatifully. A couple of off notes in your solo, did not bring down the quality of the solo whatsoever (and i have no room to talk :p). Just listened to your skills too, i would rape to have those.

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Nothing wrong with the intro man it's great.

I would listen to this song any day of the week, great for getting you ready for the day and ****.

I like the tone too, it's a little dry for my likings, but it suits the song.

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