well i currently have a 20 watt raven, not a bad amp just too "beginnerish" and im looking for a 400-600 dollar amp that is 50 watts or lower ( dont care about the watts unless its 10 or over)... im looking to strictly play classic rock such as acdc,aerosmith and so on... ALSO, what is wrong with marshall mgs.. thx for the help
For your MG question, . For the other stuff, look at Blackheart Handsome Devils and Little Giants, Blackstar BH5H, Peavey Classic 30, Randall RG-50TC...
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The MG's cleans are terribly sterile, which is something most guitarists aren't looking for. The distortion has been known to be described as a "box of bees" rather than "delicious" or "titanic" or "crushing" (Zakk Wylde has contradicted this statement, actually - but Zakk Wylde is only in it for the money).

If you can look used, here are some amps to check out:

- Peavey Classic 30
- Traynor YCV50
- Traynor YCS40
- Mesa/Boogie F-30
- Mesa/Boogie DC-3
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i was thinking about the peavey classic does that have a great sound for classic rock?
Used Classic 30 and swap out the speaker for a Celestion Greenback (the 5 watt difference between the amp's output and the speaker's rating won't really make a difference - just dont dime the amp) and throw in an OD in case you ever decide you want to play something a little grittier and you need to boost the amp a bit.
ok thx sounds like a good idea how much do u think the final result would cost