SX BG-205 Fretless 3TS
neck: 34" scale
width at nut: 1 3/4"
width at body: 2 7/8"
string spacing 2 3/4"

2 passive single coil soapbars
vol, vol, tone

I just received this one in trade. The string spacing works well for me. But the the body is pretty light.

The headstock finish matches the body. There are some small chips around the neck pickup and some wear on back but very minimal. The bass was well taken care off. It has a fairly new set of Ken Smith roundwound stings. It could use a setup but it still plays well now.

32" scale
Single cutaway
Three piece set neck with bund fretboard
Alder body with arched maple top
Two Washburn soapbar pickups and active eq
pup selector, vol, bass, treble

This one shows some road wear as it was my main bass for a time, IT still sounds great and plays like butter. This is pic from an ad. If there is interest I will post actual pics.