Hey all

I decided i'd order a HSS MiM strat (http://www.thomann.de/be/fender_stdstrat_fr_hss_rw_bk_2009.htm) but now i'm doubting about the pickups i should get in it xD

As far as the humbucker goes, i was thinking about a Dimarzio Super Distortion and a friend adviced me to get a Dimarzio virtual vintage 54 pro in the middle and a Dimarzio virtual vintage heavy blues 2 in the neck as far as single coils go.
Any opinions on this pickup setup or possibly alternatives? (Preferably with a reason why they're better:p )

The type of music i play is quite variated, it goes from metal from the 80s (Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, ya know, that stuff:p) to soft rock (3 Doors Down and Poets of the Fall). I could also see myself going down a bluesy/funk road but i ain't too sure about that for the moment so it should be taken into consideration but not play a major role..

Any help is greatly appreciated

PS. As far as the amp goes, for the moment i got a ****ty Roland Cube 60 but once i did my summerjob i'll be able to afford an ENGL Blackmore so that isn't an issue here
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