I have a Line6 BassPod xT. I don't know much about MIDI so I don't know if what I'm about to ask is possible. The pod has midi inputs and outputs for midi cables to go in, and I hear that you can get midi sounds in bass (and guitar) by one of several methods, one of them being to connect a midi capable device (the pod) into midi hardware, such as a keyboard or computer program. The only computer software I have with MIDI is Garageband which has a good amount of virtual instruments and sounds. Is there any way to connect my pod to my computer and somehow get MIDI sounds to come out when I play the bass?
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no. The only way this would be possible is with a roland midi pickup on a guitar.

That's not the only way, I know that for a fact. But what does the midi out do on the pod and what's its use?
^ What he said, though AFAIK The V-bass setup is the most popular for MIDI bass.
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The promo for this unit is a bit misleading on what it does and what its capabilities are. I don't have one so I can't test it myself.

You could try using a cheap MIDI to USB converter and plugging it in to see if the Mac recognizes it.

The only piece of equipment I found that does not require a divided pick up is the Sonuus G2M which does convert guitar signal to MIDI in an extremely limited manner. It might work in a manner similar to that, I am not sure.

I have done MIDI from my GR20 into other equipment but not to my Mac and Garageband. I will try to connect a GR20 MIDI out through an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra (this is a full Audio/USB interface with MIDI included) and post if it worked or not. Any reason to play around with my toys.

If this works, I can't see why it wouldn't through your gear and a converter. Just keep in mind that MIDI into Garageband is IN only, you can't pull the MIDI data back out, just the patch results.

macjams.com might have some suggestions as well.

The one thing to remember is the lower the pitch the higher the latency in the MIDI conversion. For this reason I tend to do my bass MIDI using my Godin xtSA guitar through the GR20 and using the patch from the MIDI destination (or the GR20 patch) to get the bass sound I want. The tracking is faster than using either a divided pickup or a MIDI converter like the Sonuus G2M with a bass.

I just got the new Garageband version last week, so I haven't tested anything with that yet.
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