Hello there

this is my latest hardrock creation, was something I just made for fun nothing too serious for a band or something really, since I don't really have a band to make hardrock

anyways, please check it out and tell me what you think and I'll crit whatever you want me to as soon as possible

Coming back.zip
Hellooo, my name's Ninooooo

hey there??
its starts really well at the first bar..gets your attention but then changes drastically from the 2nd bar and onwards....the intro is very important..I don't think it should be the same as the verses.

liked the solo guitar..made the song enjoyable but I think it was too much... just me saying..don't know what others might say.

other than the above two..it's a good song.Just do something about the intro and I think you'll nail it
I don't quite like the drums, they don't compliment the other instruments that well IMO.
Other than that, quite good
Same as Kenyannah said....nice start...but later on tends to get a bit repititive specially the drums....thought overall very catchy and nice