Sup everyone.
Been a long time since I last posted here and since I've just finished a new song, I decided why not post it? Anyways, here it is.

It's called Winds of Sorrow, it's basically 2 lead guitars each playing a solo in a melodious background.


EDIT: v1.1 w/ groovy bassline is up!
Winds of Sorrow.zip
Winds of Sorrow v1.1.zip
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Nice man. I thought it sounded awesome. Well done.
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Freaking awesome dude, is it supposed to be instrumental? If not, it would survive all by itself.
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Alright, here we go, critting as I listen.

Intro: Very nice so far. I like the progression alot. It reminds me of Avenged Sevenfold for one reason or another... I think you could have done the chord on the beginning of the next measure. The drums are very hip-hoppish in my opinion. And the solo on top is very good. Very melodious, not wankerish at all.

Chorus: Very good. I like you're runs in the solo, it's just good. not much to say.

Lead Guitar I: Very good so far. The backing track is sped up, and I like it. The solo is good, and the drums retain that hip-hop feel to them.

Lead Guitar 2: Very nice. I like the sweeps, it's a nice stray away from the more melodious solo's. Adds a nice variety. Maybe you could harmonize the first 1 1/2 measures? Until the pinch harmonics stop.

Pretty much everything was good. The drums kept up the pace throughout, and I like that alot. The solo's were really good. This is definitely an instrumental. Vocals wouldn't do this justice (unless you sneakily added it to another song).

I really liked it. Good job! 9.5/10 :]
I think you should pan the guitars to either side too... it adds a good feeling of wholeness. Maybe not an entire pan to one side, maybe 7? That's just personal preference though.

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Thanks guys.

Yes it's supposed to be an instrumental I don't know if it's finished yet, I might add a small duel !

Thanks for the idea about the harmonizing DiminishedFifth, I might just add that.
And yeah, I usually pan the guitars but right now I can only use my headset which as only the left speaker working so I didn't want to mess with that right now.

Cheers everyone.