Hey crew,

I play guitar and sing in my band, my amp (cube 30x) has an AUX IN connection but when I plug my microphone into it no matter how high I turn the volume on the amp, I can barely hear the vocals so I end up just plugging the mic in straight into the amp and using the clean channel to sing (we have another guitar player).

I'm guessing the problem is that the signal from the microphone isn't strong enough ? How can I solve the problem ?

P.S. what kind of setup do you have if you play guitar/sing ?
I don't recommend you to use Guitar Amp to do vocal, because you will not be able to put the sound high and this can broke your amp. You better buy a monitor for singing.

Btw the ''Aux In'' is for Headphone, not for Microphone...

Just put your microphone in the Input...
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Shouldn't you just plug a mic straight into a PA?

I was always told mic > amp was a bad idea because of the bass frequencies.
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the aux in bypasses the volume control on the amp i'm pretty sure. it's meant to be used with external devices that have their own volume control.
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