Poll: Can you play the Sweet Child O' Mine intro?
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436 82%
94 18%
Voters: 531.
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poll please. and no, and I don't want to.
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No, it's overrated.
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I have never had a desire to learn it.

then sig me Mother****er
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No, it's overrated.

Oh noes.........yeah i can play it.
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Yeah its easier than it sounds
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My attention span doesn't allow me to learn a song unless I'm extremely bored. I write way more than I learn.
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nice discovery, sir.

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Yes, because my guitar teacher said I should learn it when I was still a beginner.
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When you say play, that could mean anything, i can play it on itunes, i can play it on guitar hero, i can play it on electric guitar....
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No, i have no desire to ever learn it.
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people in the pit play guitar ?
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I learnt it. I just use it as a warm up every now and then.
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yes i can play the whole song
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Kinda but it sounds better when Slash does it. My dad doesn't try to learn it even though he is awesome on guitar because he says there's no point.
yeah...it's easy and annoying.
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Well we had to record the whole song on a CD in school so yeah I can play it.
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Oh noes.........yeah i can play it.

Oh yes.
I throw myself into the sea,
Release the wave,
Let it wash over me
To face the fears, I once believed
Tears of the Dragon, for you, and for me...
yes, and I think almost any guitarist knows how to play it.
A hero of war, Yeah that's what I'll be

This was the first song I ever learn all the way through haha
So ye i know the intro xD
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