Resized the pics sorry xD
So i had this Stratocaster with a nice sunburst finish.
It looked nice but it simply didnt fit the style music i played.
I mostly play stuff like Audioslave, AC/DC and Metallica, and that just doesn't fit with a sunburst strat(imo).
So i decided to paint it in a style that would fit most of the things i play and that would look good to me.
First i was going for black with white stripes, but then i decided to do the opposite, white with black stripes because i like that more.

So here's my strat before sanding and painting:

After stripping:

After sanding and 2 coats of black paint:

Tape on the body, ready for the white paint:

And thats the progress so far
Tommorow im putting on the final coat of white, after that we can see the final result of how it looks, then i will only need to put 2 or 3 coats of clear onto it.
I also ordered a new pickguard (black) and i bought a killswitch.
Pickguard goes well with the black stripes and i need the killswitch for a decent amount of Audioslave songs i play alot so yea

The only problem i got: i tried taking the volume and tone knobs off of the whole pickguard package thing, i didnt try to take them off with full force yet since im afraid the electronice would break or something, how can i get everything over to the other pickguard without breaking anything?
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it would be great if the pictures were viewable.
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Your pictures are FAR too big to be viewed properly.

Can you resize them?

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Unnecessarily big pictures are unnecessary

but good luck

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