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It is complete at last.
This is actually the first full serious song that I have recorded so I still need to work alot on songwriting and recording. I would like you to treat it as a real song and go harsh on me.
(some positive comments would be nice to, for motivation
I do want to improve as much as possible.

Crit for crit
Man I like it

Great riffs and tone, I really dig the tone alot nice and clear and crunchy. You've got some catchy stuff in there very paul gilbert which is a good thing. The solo was great too man

Well mixed and well composed, the trasition into the phrygian dominant section was seemless too very cool

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Thank you very much
I'm glad that you think the transition was ok. I think it could've used a better "intro" but I guess it's kinda good as it is.

Is there anything of yours that I can crit ?
It's damn good man, I bet you worked a long time on getting that just right too smoothly moving into that next movment.

Transitions are always the hardest part!
Don't wanna brag or anything like that ( I'm not "that" guy ) but I wrote everything as I went along. The only thing that I wrote prior to recording the track was the main riff and that fast funny sounding part in the middle. Everything else came while recording the bass and the synth which took like 4 hours. The drums took 6 hours. I did some serious thinking and hard working during the 4 hours. I recorded the guitars last and that took like an hour or so.

I'm pleased that you like my tone.It's not for everyone. I'm a fan of good old crunchy clear tone. It is pretty PG/ Yngwie esque right ?
The hardest tone t use for shredding though.
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Yeah its very paul sounding crunch tone which is great

I never liked overly satured high gain tones, yours has all the note clarity plus the power to have some attitude behind it as well which is what counts.

I assume thats the boss OD into the valve king? That amp sounds more british to my ears then the other valve kings ive heard.
Nope not really correct. Actually very incorect assumption.
The guitar is recorded directly line in on my mac. Used garage band for distortion.
I wish the valveking could get this tone.
That's all because of the PGM its maple neck and the great pickups.
My jackson DK2 doesn't sound half as good when recording on garage band.

Imagine how yummy the PGM sounds on a good amp :P
Typing as I listen:

Very nice opening. Great tone, great mixing.

awesome riffs in opening and in the section after that. I like the doubling up on the lead line with the different tones.

sweet different sections.... all of them seem to have a great hook and lead line, you can definitely construct some great lead lines, rather than getting lost. Nice clean playing too, you're nailing all those lines.

I like how the song's getting more and more dark/ ominous... and then it builds back into the intro with first bass then drums, that transition was pretty good.

Nice work and great playing

Sorry, I couldn't find anything bad to say :P If you're keeping it as an instrumental, which is how it seems, then you're doing a good job at making it always sound interesting. I just hope you don't fall into the trap of running out of great lead lines like you just played to put into other compositions. That's always a challenge.
this is really cool. great groove, awesome main riff. i love how the guitars ae synced together. keep up the great work
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hey man, first of all thanks a lot for your kind words about my jazz blues piece

i'm listening to this right now, first of all im surprised at how professional it sounds, nice recording quality and just well put together overall

it's a kind of 80s rock feel to it but in a good way, you can definately hear joe satriani or steve vai style playing

very interesting sound at 2:00 i like it, nice tone and tasteful playing in the short solo just after

another interesting sound at 3:30, sounds very phrygian and the tone is like a synth almost - provides a good change from the rest of the song which is good since it's an instrumental piece

overall it was great not my usual kind of music to listen to but i ocassinally feel like listening to some satriani, gilbert or vai and you an definately hear the influence in this. great work
what is the music theory and what does it teach you, like scales, solos, and to build speed???

Check out my recordings
Very catchy man, realised this as soon as I started listening to it.

Probably gonna be stuck in my head >.< That's a good thing for you though.

Everything's pretty tight man. That bit at around 1:30 just sounds a bit empty to me, but you might've intended it that way.

2:55 to 3:44... Wow, so awesome.

Ending was weird though,

All in all a pretty good song though man, peace!
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Thanks dudes .
They keyboard sounding solo during the harmonic minor solo was a keybaord solo.
I just quickly played some licks based on the bassline.

Btw. Demonology, props for doing the drums the hard way
I used garage band for this as well but cheated and used the drums from my keyboard :P

I don't like the ending too
Eh, not my style of music.
It sounds good though
Good sound quality
sup, my name is abe
I love the riff, and the structure to the first part. Could use a TAD bit more variety, mess with the riff a little during the repetitions.

The solo gets a little muddy during the fast part, I can't really tell what's going on, but when it's just an obvious guitar solo, it works REALLY well. I like it.

Nice arpeggios at the end.

Well done, professional sounding...I like it. Good job.
Thank you dude. It wasnt really intended to be a solo there. (are you reffering to the part right after the funky part?). I just wanted it to be like real ambient and just a wave of notes, know what I mean. Considering it's difficulty though, I guess it could be louder in the mix.

I have SO many variations of that riff but I kinda forgot to record them and just stuck to the first one.

Thank you very much dude. Anything I can crit, your profile ?

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Don't wanna be a mofo or something, but some parts sound kinda like Let's go Crazy by Prince.
It's damn good song though, really catchy! I'm, really impressed.

The keyboard solo sounds awesome, kinda arabic.
Stay sharp and hold on tight.
I really liked this one. It has a very Paul Gilbert sound to it, as stated by many people before. I particularly like the riff around the 1:26 mark. I didn't like the synths in the song though. I just felt as if they didn't fit, as if they were out of place. Perhaps it was just the actual sound of the synth that I didn't like. However, the lead synth part wasn't bad. The lead guitar parts were very nicely done. I'm impressed by the professional sounding recording. The song did tend to drag on though.