there's this dude called brad dogget that does these covers for alot of different songs, especially alotta hip hop. wouldnt really call them covers though, cause he changes the songs around totally.. it's just him singing with an acoustic, and he's got quite a voice on him. could anyone tell me the chords he's playing?
I think hes really good. I like his voice too.
Lol he needs a record deal.

I cant really say much exepct hes brilliant.

But sadly i cant tell you the chords.

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yeah, he's surely talented. i think he's got an ep out soon.
lol, i don't know why i want to learn to play this song. i hate the original. but i've just started playing a few acoustic songs off late. this seems like a serious challenge to do vocally cause of the amount of words to fit in as well as playing guitar.