So I bought this Dream Theater Tab Book that has a lot of songs that are played with a 7 string guitar but I have a 6 string. Is there some kind of tuning or some kind of trick where I can play the notes that are the string I don't have somewhere else on my guitar? Thanks.
tune to b standard. it's a little different but possible. When i saw unearth the dude from Daath filled in for buzz and used his 6 string prs.
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Get a 7-string! They rule!
But other then that, the only solution is to tune to the top 6 strings of a 7 string.
That is: B, E, A, D, G, B.

It will work for the rhythms, but if you want to play a solo that uses the high E string, you will run into some trouble. You can always play the notes an octave down though, on the high B string.
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