Just punched this tune out in the space of about 2 hours, I'm not quite sure what genre it would fit in though.

Constructive critisism is highly welcomed because I don't tend to write songs of this type, bit of a step out for me

As usual no drums Rock Band mic stuffed infront of a Line 6 Spider III and used Audacity.

Also check out the other song Grave-Digging for dummies which I uploaded yesterday (I think).
I can't believe that was done through a Rock Band mic, anyway the crit is in your song comments since I didn't know you had this thread here.
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Rock Band mics are surprisingly good - I was really surprised, definately a step up from what I was using before ( a headset lol). I mean it's no sm57, but I does the job well
its a bit repititive, and i kind of feel like you are going out of your way to make it sound "evil" and diminished, which always comes out cheesey sounding to my ears, the playing is definitely well timed and the chops are no issue though. get yourself something other than a rockband mic and you will be on your way haha. crit mine sometime?