Ok so I have a Line 6 Spider III 30 and so far it has been perfect for me until today I was just browsing the internet for a tab etc. whilst my amp was on (it was on for about 30 mins to an hour) and suddenly it started buzzing like feedback it was strange since using the clean channel there was no interference/feedback sound whatsoever until now. It was really bad buzzing but I nudged a few wires and it has "quietened" down but you can still hear it.

Also, whenever I touch ONE string on my guitar it stops etc. so i dont get it, is it the amp causing this? if so how do I fix this?
Maybe your amp is ****.
thats it.
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xjosheex, you have made a simple answer to it all haha

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[quote="'xjosheex :['"]Maybe your amp is ****.
thats it.

Maybe your grammar is ****. Yes, that's it.
its propbably your geetar

or your lead change the lead if it still does it

check the grounding in the guitar

if your amp dos it with nothing plugged in then its the amp
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ermm ino this is weird, but i think its something to do with electrical current, bcoz when i have my gain on high and i get feedback i only have 2 touch the end of my whammy bar and it goes away, maybye its the current looking 4 a ground or somet lol, idk im no rocket sceintist thats just a theory
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It may be your cable. If the amp starts crackling profusely and you cant get it to stop until you've fiddled with the cable a bit, its probly your guitar cable.
My amp is only like 2 weeks old...

The guitar was plugged in and stood there and the buzzing all of a sudden started also, when removing the lead there is no buzzing so would that indicate that it was the leads problem?