ive heard a lot about these.

and form what i see, its a mixed gauge string set.

sounds cool, considering i play a lot of music with shred, and breakdowns.

but in theory. wouldnt that warp your neck?

thanks in advance

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I have those and love them. Great for riffing because the low strings are chunky, and they're great for leads because the tops are light and easy to bend. I wouldn't put them in E standard though, they are heavy.
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i use them and have used them for like 2 years now.

in theory umm no, i assume they were intelligent to take into account the forces being appluied and knowing how they would work to not end up warping the neck.
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I play in E Standard with D'addario light top heavy bottoms. It works fine. I prefer the feel of strings with more tension. But I also don't like very low action. I may be a freak guitar player. But do w/e floats ur boat.