I just saw Castaway with Tom Hanks last night. Good movie. Now, wtf was in that FedEx package with the two golden wings on it? It got washed up on the island and he brang it back to mainland, even though I didn't see it on his raft? Wtf? And what did those wings mean, some sort of company or something that the girl in the truck at the end owns or something? SO confused!

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Twas a satellite phone in the package, and he was all like , because he was bored on said island and with phone he could have called people and say "WHO WAS PHONE?!?!?"
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You just saw it???? JUST? How can you not have seen it before?
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That movie is awesome. I don't know what's in it, and I don't think it matters. It appears that the wings are a logo of some kind. I suppose that chick owns a company or something. There's nothing to be confused about, all that matters is that you recognize that the logo is affiliated with the chick in the truck, and they made that pretty obvious.
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