ok i have a 1987 Epiphone Spotlight and ive got an issue, i really wana down tune this sucker to C standard, and well it worked great for a bit but then i started getting a weird vibrating sound coming from it, i figured after examining the bridge n pickups, the string was probobly bouncing off the 1st fret, the damn action is too low!

well, idk how to raise it, im a lil confused becuase the Trembolo of my guitar is kinda odd, its similar to the floyd rose system but its designed by steinberger, i can properly explain it so ill get pics up if i need to, but um really, how the hell do i raise the action? i usually keep my trem in a locked position but i can unlock it if need, any suggestion are great... thanks
yes, pics are a must. I have never seen a good condition Spotlight before
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sorry been busy, will have pictures up in a few minutes for you guys


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Oh my nonexistent God........That is awemazing........
Anyways if Jims idea is irrelevent to the Steinberger then it could be a nut issue is the nut original?.......If yes I'd say get a new one..........But then again this guitar is original right?.......Then I see a delema, a delema.
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ok well, there are no screws like on a floyd rose, to do that kinda stuff ide have to pop the bridge off and mess with the tightness of the springs in stuff, and to an your question unherolike, yes this is all completely original, i havent modified anything on this baby cause its just so perfect, there were a few parts missing when i got it but i had them all made in a machine shop but with the bridge it was nothing so im not sure, the only way im seeing is to pop the bridge off again and mess with stuff which i really dont want to do, any1 got any other suggestions on how to fix my issue? and btw higher gauge strings are not gona help, the bridge can only fit up to a 56 gauge which is what ive got in this son of a bitch atm

edit: thanks for the uhhh coming on my guitar i guess? yea its pretty sick, would you believe i got this for free?

and one other question, ive screwed up the trembolo a bit over time, the hole where you put the whammy bar has been kinda worn out and it doesnt sit in it properly at all, any suggestions about that? and please dont say super glue... i dont wana disgrace this guitar like that...
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The hex nuts you see on the saddles in the close-up of the bridge should raise and lower your action of each string.
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hex nuts? the only nuts i see are the ones that are holding the strings in place, and those are screws... is there something im not seeing?