At about 7: 40 in Estranged Slash does some weird feedback bend thingy, that I'd really like to work out. I've seen him messing with the volume knobs live, and what has almost worked for me is bending without picking, and rolling the volume up and down, but I can't get it to ring out properly...

Please help a poor Slash wannabe?
delay pedal. Let the notes ring out without actually picking, and use the volume knob to get the volume swells.
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Ah yes, it's not feedback.

You pre-bend a note with the volume knob on zero (slash does a full step pre bend on the 12th fret B string, standard tuning from a C# to a B).

When you pre-bended the note, you slowly turn the volume up and release the bend at the same time.

I'm guessing he uses a volume pedal, but it can be done with a volume knob as well.

He does it a few times with this note, and then he does the same thing (full step pre-bend) on the 11th fret G string (standard tuning)

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