I've hit a snag modding my DS-1, after a few changes that went smoothly I replaced Diode 5 with a red LED (connected to D5's spot by two 20 guage wires). Upon testing I get only a buzzing noise, and when I touch the strings on my guitar, the buzzing gets louder, and when I strum the rhythm of the strums are audible but only as noise.

I've tried the LED's positive and negative leads with each wire and I've tried the wires together without the LED between them and there is still buzzing with no sweet strat sounds coming through.

The buzzing happens both when the pedal is engaged and in bypass.

I've noticed that the output jack only has one wire (white) connected to it and found this odd. As far as I can remember this is how the pedal was originally.

I see no shorts happening anywhere. The only problem might be in the soldering job on the wires, and I've reconnected them to no avail.

Thoughts, comments, recommendations please and thank you.