Hey, i wanna learn some cool riffs, you know, im bored so yeh, hard/easy i dont care. mostly hardcore/screamo/pop rock. bands, anything apart from heavy metal and death metal you know. l, so yeh, if you can name some, thank you.
Laces Out, Dan! by The Fall of Troy. the original version(demo)

bcuz they killed the song in Doppelganger
If a mortal stands before us
Strike him down with sleight of hand.
And if heaven rides against us
Then God himself must be damned.

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some Arctic Monkeys riffs. Quite easy but I really like them. "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor" or "Fake Tales Of San Francisco". The first one has a few very cool solo lines.
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uhm, if you are looking for cool riffs that arent as heavy as metal...
good luck.

all i can think of is 'the only medicine - scary kids scaring kids'..good post-hardcore riff

and cookies. i LOVE cookies.
(Don't call them heavy metal) Rage Against the Machine - Bombtrack, Know You're Enemy, Bulls On Parade, [the second half of] Bullet in your Head ..those riffs kick ass