Ok guys, so I got a nice deal on a used Fender Bassman 1959 RI, but it has some problems that weren't apparent when I bought it. The second input on the bright channel is totally F-d and unusable (sounds like a bad connection; crackles and hisses/pops). Also, after a little bit of playing yesterday I got some weird volume swelling, though I haven't been able to recreate that effect since. Finally, the amp panel seems to be misaligned with the chassis (there's a gap between the back wall of the amp and the panel of about 1/5 inch, enough so that if you look closely you can see the wires behind the panel).

The original owner advertised the amp as mint functionally, which it's obviously not. He said he'll either cover new tubes or give me my money back ($500).

Should I just ask the original owner to honor his word and spring for new high-gain tubes, then pour my own money into fixing the jack, and be happy? Or should I take the problems as a sign the amp is going to be more trouble than it's worth down the line and get my money back?

P.S. - I have until Tuesday. And fwiw, this amp looks sexy as hell.
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Well $500 seems like a great price for that amp. Of course if you end up dropping a bunch of $ into it to make it work, could be a problem. If you have basic electronics experience or know someone that does...I would keep the amp and get it working proper.

On the other hand, if you are not one to repair electronics or don't have money for someone that can, this amp could quickly become a nightmare.

The good news is that it is probably a simple fix. New tubes, maybe re-soldering some cold joints and/or replacing resisters or caps, etc. your amp would probably work very well.

I guess the decision comes down to how much you like this amp? And is it worth it too you to bring it back? The problem sounds minor too me? And any tube amp will require some investment to keep it functioning properly.


I just wanted to add, that I suspect the seller knew of these problems and advertising it as mint is kinda f"ckd. On one hand, that makes me think...get your $ back while you can ... don't walk but run! On the other, see my original reply.
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I really don't want to part with this thing! GRRR. I cranked it a little after I wrote this thread, and stuck a vintage OD in front of it, and just... wow. My friend called it "angry bitch mode" and it totally was. It's super bright and articulate, but not ice picky, and the low end is there even with the Ibanez.

I'm just gonna ask the guy to honor his word and cover repairs on the inputs.
Want: EH Deluxe Memory Man, Warmoth Strat, Budda Superdrive 45