Hi i wonder if someone could possibly help me, i have been taking guitar lessons for a few months and so far i have learnt

major scale (basic first position)
minor scale (basic position)
major and minor pentatonic scale

basic open chords
barre chords with 5th and 6th string roots major,minor,7th's
basic chord construction and theory
basic ear training intervals, major minor (i find this hard)
a couple of songs that i can play half well except the solos and usually not up to speed

i am now onto learning soloing and speed development but i feel i am not prgressing fast enough, i find it hard to practice for a long time but not because i dont want to but because i dont really have a practice routine and i find practicing what ive learnt gets quite tiresome.

anyway my guitar teacher has now gone on a 6 week tour with his band but i dont want to stop moving forward and would like to get a good practice routine down. the only thing i am worried about is developing bad habits or learning something wrong without knowing i am doing it wrong.

any help would be much appreciated. kind regards Danny
If you're scared of creating bad habits, it's only 1 1/2 months, rather then years like some people would develop them.

Obviously you don't want to, but if you know the basics and such I don't see how you could develop bad habits.... unless you completely alter how you play.

I suggest practice your songs using a metronome and slowly build up the speed, mix up the songs. Perhaps learn a few "campfire" songs to practice chord transitions.

Basically working on accuracy and speed.

For a few months you know a lot more then many people do after a year or two, so you're off to a great start. (I'm assuming you started taking lessons when, or a little after, you got your guitar, and a 'few months' is 7 or less months.)

Warmups - "Spider Exercises"
-instert practice here-

Personally I do:

Interval Training (just real quick)
Nice easy and slow song
Faster song
"Insert Rock Song Here"
"Insert Metal Song Here"
"Insert Acoustic Song Here"
"Insert Song from last practice"
"Insert -NEW- Song Here"
Practice New Song with Metronome, half-speed.
work up to speed.
Memorize said new song (as much as possible)
Theory Review

Please add me if as a friend I helped! (I like to think I'm a friendly person)
Thanks, yeah i have been taking lesson for about 3 months but it wasnt the first time i had picked up a guitar, i had tried to teach myself some thingz before but never really got passed open chords.

I have a metronome but i am a bit unsure of how to use it, i understand bpm but not really sure how to practice along with it say if the song has parts that are a bit faster. when i have practiced scales with a metronome and a few speed excersices i have been given i have basically been playing a note per click. i have looked online but then it starts getting into 8th notes ect which i understand but find very hard to play along with a metronome.

thank for your help much appreciated.
Well as far as the metronome thing goes, try playing scales and linear excercises at a stedy beat, getting progressively faster.

As far as songs go, I'd try using something like GuitarPro and slowing the song down.
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Thanks, my teacher recommended guitar pro, i downloaded a trail version but dont understand how to get it to work, i wanted to try it before i bought (downloaded it). he did give me a quick demo of what it did and it had a good thing called speed trainer or something but i couldnt get that to work on the trial version.