Can anyone offer me an idea of how to do these? I have tried before but never really understood how to do pinch harmonics.
The key for me was to get the pick holding down. Make sure a minimal amount of the pick is exposed and dig through the string with the pick, have your thumb lightly brush the string and pull away. it will be easier to get them on the middle strings and you have to find the points where there are harmonics so move your picking hand up and down the strings till you find the right spots. There is a lesson on justinguitar that is great. Check it out and hopefully that will offer you some insight.
as you pluck the string with your guitar pic, make sure that the string you plucked vibrates against your thumb
sorry im a crap explainer
it takes alot of practice but so keep at it
everyone has a different way of doing them. when i learned how it just happened because everybody that can do it does it different than the next person, thats why they all sound different. i dont think anybody can show you how to do i think its something that you just randomly stumble upon. so just keep trying different approaches and see how it turns out for ya.
well i just hold the pick so there is about 1 centimetre between the string and my thumb. when I pluck i make sure that i get a fair bit of contact with my thumb and the string. dont get too much or ot will deaden the string. If you dont get enough it doesnt do anything. lol hope i helped