Alright so my band is going to play in a battle of the bands type thing at our school next month. My band is made up of 3 guitar players a bass player and a drum machine. So What are some good songs that would be best for our situation, we'll play just about any genre, although we prefer classic rock. Also the songs can't be that hard, we have less then a month to learn them.
la grange, if one of you knows how to solo, it should be a snap
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1. Loose one of the guitarists.
2. Get a real drummer.
3. Get a vocalists.

once you've done that play some Iron Maiden, GnR or something like that. Powerslave is a pretty easy song just off the top of my head.
Dude... rock n' roll songs are easy to right. Their just, like, three chords and a crazy solo riff that sometimes doesn't even use the scales because it's not really musical for a solo. Just slop on some 'drugs, sex, rock n' roll' or 'how hard it is to be a rockstar' theme for the lyrics. Covers, try Hendrix, Clapton, B.B. King, maybe even some Springstein. For really classic rock, Money for Nothing's pretty good, Smoke on the Water's easy as hell, even the solo's not too challenging, Iron Man's easy, um...Genesis? Queen? Pink Floyd? Led Zeppelin? Not too hard here...
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we have a vocalist and one of the guitarists might not play, any other suggestions?

A real drummer. Now everyone might tell me wrong, but drum machines are annoying as **** to program and lack the feel of a drummer so you'll probably get off.