Sorry, I've only got one small crappy pic. But if rings any bells for anyone I'd appreciate hearing about it.

to tell you the truth, it doesn't really look like an Ibanez at all... but I do barely see the name on the headstock and its shaped the same way... but it looks like a GSA with a pick guard and maple fretboard. only lookin on the Ibanez website... that's what it looks like...
I didn't even notice the 22 frets till now. I never knew about the RX series either.

This guitar's up for sale on CL for $200 with a hard case and I've got a thing for maple fret boarded Ibanez's.

I emailed the guy asking for more info but have yet to hear back.
jebus you're quick. that message was up for all of 8 seconds.

the rx350 has a different bridge going by that photo but it's an RX series I think.
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I'd say it was an RX350. Just that this one's got a gold bridge.

Shame it's not an RG. Don't really feel like shelling out money for anything else.

Edit: I'd shell out for a Blazer with a maple fret board.