I have the damned RG350DX and I recently ordered the tremol-no to stop the problems with the edge 3, more or less. The only problem is, when I try to install the whole claw thing in the back, the screws that bind the claw thing to the guitar itself ( like into the neck side) keep slipping out, because the wood inside has kinda been screwed away, and the screws don't hold basically. Any way to make the screws hold again... sorry if this sounds a tad confusing or impossible.

And, if you do know, can someone reccomend me a good fixed bridge guitar thats good for lots of styles, but mainly like a metal guitar, thats cheap, say.... up to $35O maybe.. maybe a tad more...

any help is appreciated..
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guitar-wise, look Schecter. The Omen or Damien 6 would sout metal pretty well. I actually own the Omen 6 and it gets me various tones for many genres
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pour some wood shavings in with a LITTLE bit of wood glue and screw the screws in.

Try this. And for a guitar, like somebody else said, Check out Schecter. I own the damien 6 and it's great for metal (along with pretty much everything else, IMO) and it's $400. (if they didnt raise the price again)
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