What's the best thing to use to get sticker gunk/ripped parts of the sticker off my guitar? I tried taking a sticker off to move it and it ripped and now I got this ugly spot on my guitar.
some sort of wood cleaner maybe? MAKE SURE ITS SAFE ON YOUR GUITAR AND THE FINISH.. youd rather have some gunk then have your finish all ****ed up
Think through where you're putting your sticker.
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i think u need to use a destickafyer ray....
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alchohol, it works best... trust me i would know...
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i wanna say gum-b-gone. i say this because there is something that i used and had before that worked great that i had to use it on car. i cannot think of the exact name of it right now (kinda stressed) but there is something out there for you dude...
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Think through where you're putting your sticker.

Well I didn't want it off, just wanted it moved so I could make room for another sticker. The stickers on there are cool I think, just a bunch of bands I like.
When I worked at the theater we had this spray shit that froze gum so you could scrape it off. What about that?


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I'm gonna try alcohol, sounds promising and I don't have to go anywhere to get it.
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dont put a sticker on in the first place.....

but if you insist, that goo remover sounds good
Get a sticker that says "It's spelled guitar you dumb shît"
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Scrape it off with a spoon or something. It might leave some scratches on your guitar though.
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alcohol,or gasoline. (dont have fire around if usin gas, until it has time to dry, then it cant catch on fire)
God some of you are retarded. Don't put anything too powerful on, it'll **** up the finish. You should try using a damp rag and kinda rub it, not scratch it off.
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2-pack finish? then use a hairdryer and some automotive prepwash.

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