Lookin for a new guitar. Somethin with humbuckers but not active pickups. I already have a tele with single coils and a nice acoustic. I've owned all the basic stuff and lookin for somethin different. I play stuff like Anberlin, underoath, spill canvas, paramore, alexisonfire, The almost, HIM.

Guitars I've owned: Epiphone SG, Epiphone les paul custom, Gibson SG special, LTD EC-1000, LTD MH-1000, Gretsch G5120.

I'm thinkin of checkin out epiphone semi-hollow's, gibson les paul double cut away, washburn semi-hollow, hagstrom's, Fender tele w/humbuckers, Schecter's.

Give me your good and bad stories and guitars you suggest. I'm looking around the $1,000 price range.
i dont know what model it is but dallas green has a really nice first act hollow body guitar... IMO one of the best sounding hollow bodies ive heard
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OOhh yea First Act guitars are nice. Alot of players like dallas green, aaron gillespie, andy williams prettymuch all play the same one. Nooooo Idea where to find one. I'm in canada about 20 min north of us boarder on the west coast.
I wanna check out the tempest. There's 1 shop that sells them out here that I'm gonna check out tomorrow
Perhaps a PRS SE Custom, SE Custom 24, or SE Custom Hollowbody?
Quote by jag16
Perhaps a PRS SE Custom, SE Custom 24, or SE Custom Hollowbody?

PRS are teh ****z
PRS is very good........ My first guitar was a SE custom and then i got a custom 22.
U hav 2 go for PRS.......
The PRS Les Paul (not sure what the real name for it is) is a nice alternative to a gibby/epi lp. Also try some of the Schecter C1's.
If you want a realy weird guitar you shold go to ebay and try to find some guitars from sovjet or some old vintage XD
Often realy funny to play...
You could get an ultra ll...
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Quote by jag16
Perhaps a PRS SE Custom, SE Custom 24, or SE Custom Hollowbody?

This, definitely.

I love PRS guitars. The SE series is very good quality for the money.
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