can i plug it right into my audio interface (emu 0202) so i can have more inputs? i wanna have the ability to record drums now.
Yes, you can. I just need to ask one question. Does it have left/right inputs? If so, you can do this. Just buy a used mixer from somewhere.

I must warn you though, When recording drums w/o firewire, you have to make the drums sound good before you record. In you DAW you wont be able to change the levels of each track.

EDIT: I just looked at it, and it only has the right input. I don't think it will work. Your better off to buy a USB or Firewire mixer.
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not if it has a power amp for speakers
if you do all the instruments on the mixer will record all to one track
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ok. would it be worth it to get a mixer? or should i just get a new interface with more inputs? i dont have much money to spend
you can, but you'll only get one two channel track. It would be better to get a new interface, but a mixer will work if you have a really tight budget.
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Yeah it would be better just to get a new interface.
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idk like 250$ maybe 300$ at the most but id really prefer cheaper cuz i dont have a job so its hard to get money.
yeahh idk i kinda want a mixer. and i dont wanna buy a new interface considering i just recently got mine. so the only problem it would cause is id have to make sure it sounds right before i do it?