i am taking 30minute lessons every saturday at a local music place. i am basically learning what notes are around the fretboard, barre chords, and how every chord can become any other cord by just changing the root and keeping the formation (or something like that). learning some basic scales too, but for 3 weeks, i do not think that i am progressing fast at all. ive messed around with my guitar for a few months myself before actually starting to take lessons so i knew a little already and was comfortable with playing etc. I would also like to note that i really like Metal and the stuff i am learning doesn't really seem to relate.I dunno, should i continue lessons? find a different teacher? learn myself? some suggestions would be real nice.

the lessons are so short, i never get the chance to ask questions and always feel rushed. They are expensive too, like 25 bucks for half an hour and 40 dollars for an hour. I don't know how much it is actually helping because so far, i don't feel like ive really learned anything much that i couldn't have taught myself but ive been shelling out money. Also, i didn't really experiment much with teacher, i took the first one that i tried so yeahh......
I'd say a teacher really is the best way to go, but next time you go in. - LET HIM KNOW WHAT YOU KNOW - and TALK TO HIM while you play.

Tell him you're interested in metal, but do not expect to be able to pick up you're guitar and play Trivium (or something) without knowing the basics first...

Teachers (generally) know what they are doing, and if you start slow you can get faster, more accurate, and eventually playing what you like.

You also shouldn't limit what you play by what you like, it really limits your style and what you can play. I'm what most people label 'metalhead' but I find myself playing songs from bands like Say Anything, 3 Doors Down, Goo Goo Dolls, Johhny Cash, Rise Against, and many other random bands.

However you should always 'browse' before you buy that includes teachers.

PS: I'm 100% self taught, semi-regret it because I saw very little improvement my first "year" of playing (so little, I call it more like 1 month of playing)... I learned a ton my first month, then got caught in an 11 month 'block'.... only recently (past 4 months) showing any improvement from doing NOTHING but study theory /practice guitar (and music) and I have noticed a few bad habits (Really high pinky for eg and I really wish I had a guitar teacher :/ but I'm already paying for piano lessons...

Please add me if as a friend I helped! (I like to think I'm a friendly person)
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yeah dude i am definitely not limiting myself because though i too am a metalhead, i venture into different genres too,but you're right about everything you said, and i am going to ask for a different teacher next time i go in to try a few out.

Yeah i don't want to get stuck in the block that you are talking about because that would really kill my motivation.
about how long would it take for me to become a decent guitarist. like in general, learning at a relaxed pace?

3yrs? 5yrs?
It depends on what you would call a decent guitarist and what you would call a relaxed pace, if you are very dedicated, or if you have a sort of natural talent ( or at least the ability to understand music things easily) it could be a year till you are a "decent" guitarist, or if you dont have a whole lot of dedication it could be up to 5 years, theres no real way to know except by just doing it. If you can be dedicated to it (play for a few hours a day) thats what really matters.
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