I'm buying a custom-made guitar in the style of PRS and Gibson (mahogany and maple body), and at first I thought adding a couple of EMG 81/85 active pickups. But then I've been told that active pickups actually block the natural sound of the guitar's wood.
I'll be grateful to get an advice on which humbuckers are most recommended for this kind of guitar (mostly for rock playing use).
they sound different in each guitar but the difference is not as much as in passives. Just not a big difference in guitar wood related to tone. Emg's are good. and people are gonna come in here and say that blackouts are the best. I'd like to say that the two pickups are very different. Blackouts are very mid heavy unlike EMG's. EMG's are more compressed sounding and are very tight. because blackouts arent as compressed, they most likely raised mids. Output is about the same. if you like passives better than get passives. i recommend the seymour duncan JB/jazz. real versatile. or you can get the dimarzio D-activators. They are passives made to sound like actives. IMO they sound nothing like actives lol. I have the d-activator x. seriously, NOTHING like actives. just a bit more compressed than most passives and that's it. EMG H4 sounds more like actives.
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