hey pit, ill make it quick (mods can close this later)
im looking for a thread on choosing guitars, forgot who wrote it but i remember it covered a lot such as pickups, what to check for, tips, almost everything about choosing guitars in general. i think it was one of the more official threads, but i just cant find it anymore nor does the searchbar seem to be helping (too many choosing new guitar threads).
anyone know which thread im talking about? direct me there please, thanks.
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Oh ****, what was that ones name.... hmm.. one second... OH YEA! Searchbar?

im not an idiot, ive been using that for the past 30 minutes and i cant find it, thats why im asking the pit. read the damn post.
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lol^ Go to the guitar forum?

I doubly second this. Both parts
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i just did a quick search and can't find it myself...
unfortunately if helpful stuff like that doesn't get stickied then it gets lost forever
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i think its lost. i just went on one of my other computers (only just managed to) and followed the bookmark, and its either moved or deleted. nvm guys.