I started work today on Tightrope by Dave Uhrich and I need some advice. The lick goes like this...

..N.H...all taps from nowhere.......

Or something like that, I think are versions online, Dave Uhrich is amazing if you haven't heard of him. Anyway, that first note is a tapped natural harmonic, meaning you hit a finger over the fret and get a harmonic....sometimes. I need advice on how to get a harmonic and not just open strings when I hit them...any help appreciated.
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hit it kinda hard...
just keep testing out different ways of hitting it and eventually you'll get it :P
i can't get it every time though
Make sure you hit the strings right on the fret, in this case the 12th. With practice and accuracy you'll get it.
You've just got to practice it a bit. Rest your finger lightly on the string above the node (don't press the string down), pick it and then release.. That's really all there is to it.
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Another part of this is removing your finger as swiftly as possible from the strings. Try to focus on bouncing off the fret as swiftly as possible - also, tap the FRET - not the wood.
Here's a video I found which I found to be very helpful:
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