So I've been doing some amp research, and have just started looking at the Marshall line. I'm completely new to Marshalls, all I've played was a 212 SS, and am looking for some recommendations on their amps. I need an amp that is all tube, in 212 format, combo or head and cab doesnt matter but it must be portable and not too big for small clubs. My style is like Gary Moore, shred blues with a pretty heavy, harmonically rich lead tone. I also play A LOT of clean jazz and blues, and need an amp with a full deep clean for humbuckers. I've been checking out the DSL series, and like what I've heard so far. Heres my problem: I probably wont be able to go amp hunting to Guitar center to play the amp, so anyone who has experience with this amp it would be greatly appreciated. My price range is right around 1100, give of take a couple hundred bucks. Thanks in advance.
Don't buy an MG, they're solid state and sound like crap. If you wan't a REALLY good Marshall at a somewhat decent price (700-100 USD), buy a used JCM 800 or 900. 900's are a bit easier to come by, but the 800's are great when you find 'em. I haven't tried any of the new Marshall tube heads or combos, but you'll spend a pretty penny (2000+ USD) on those. Pretty much all Marshall Cabs are good if they're loaded with Celestions.
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MG ftw.


But seriously the DSL's are great I love mine. Stay away from the TSL's however. If you can find an 800 by all means get it.
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