I'm about to graduate high school. My parents want to give me some form of "graduation gift". They've been talking about all these elaborate travel plans, but frankly I hate traveling, and I think I'm instead going to ask for a proper amp. I've been using mediocre amps since I've started playing, and as I have some pretty great guitars, now is a chance for me to finally get a great amp too. I'm personally leaning towards Mesa Boogie. I want to something that can get me a great clean and distorted (everything from blues distortion to metal distortion) tones with plenty of low end as well. I hear Roadsters are pretty good for this.

But here's my problem, I need to be size conscious as well, as I'll be going into a little dorm room with who knows how much space to commit to an amp (not to mention, I play bass as well, so that amp needs room too). I was hoping I could just buy a head and a small cab, then upgrade the cab as I get more room, so at least I have that awesome head, but any other suggestions are welcome. I want something reasonably sized, ideally somewhere under the $2500 for both head and cab, and that is very versatile with an effects loops (as I figured most high-end tube amps will have, but I just thought I'd make sure.)
Mesa Boogie are very over priced; you can get far far better for that money.
I'd suggest looking at a Framus Cobra or the cheaper Framus Dragon. The Framus cobra in my opinion is the best production amp for metal out today; the distortion is far superior and is its crowning factor. However the crisp clean tone you get from is very good as well with a great clarity about it.

Another option would be an Engl Powerball.
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Randall MTS would be a great choice.


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Dang, with money like that I would ask for an Orange AD30HTC and an Avatar custom cab. Avatar cabs are amazing and completely custom for about $400.
I would say the new mesa mark V combo its gonna be 2000 and it can go from 90-40-10 watts and has 3 channels and 3 modes per channel.(super versatile) Look it up on youtube it sounds amazing, but i have not played one yet. i would definetly check it out.
I've looked at all of them, and considering the conditions I'll be in, the need for occasionally playing at low volumes, and the overall sounds it gets, I think I like the Mesa Boogie Mark V the most. My only problem remains the size concern. I've heard that heads need matching cabs, but I can't find reasonably compact cabs from Mesa. Does anyone know if they even make them? This isn't a dealbreaker, but a small cab would be great for college.