So Today i was playing my les paul and i put it down for a while, come back and the rhythm pickup sounds muffled and it sounds like i'm playing on my clean channel, the treble pickup is perfectly fine. I got the guitar at christmas and i didn't expect to run into any problems...What sould i do to fix it?
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epiphones are known for the switches getting effed up. take off the back plate and see if the switch isnt dislodged at all and if it is and you want a quick fix put a nice folded piece of paper in there to wedge it back into place (the same things happened to me before)
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Yeah my epi explorer goth does this, think the toggle switches are a bit poo as stated above, im thinking of getting a new one fitted soon, but its been ok for a while. Just fiddle with it, barely knocking it on and off from the center possition to the neck possition, will pick it up eventually
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blow compressed air into the switch hole when flicking it.

it'll clear out any dirt might be in there.

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